Banana Pudding

With Cream Cheese



The Best Comfort Food Dessert

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Banana Pudding

It's a classic

Creamy and rich

No fail recipe

– sugar – cornstarch –  egg – whole milk –  butter – vanilla – bananas  – sweetened condensed milk  – cream cheese  – heavy cream – Nilla Wafers


Make the base for the pudding

Step 1

Combine cream cheese, condensed milk and bananas and chill

Step 2

Add whipped Cream

Step 3

Start with a layer of pudding

Step 4

Add a layer of vanilla wafers

Step 5

Add bananas and repeat

Step 6

Cover with whipped cream

Step 7

Top with crushed vanilla wafers

Step 8

Great to feed a crowd

It's a Classic

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