Pumpkin Cookies

Melt In Your Mouth Cloud Cookies




Add a little pumpkin spice to the frosting for that fabulous pumpkin pie flavor

– B&B

Guaranteed to win you over

Why you'll ❤️  Pumpkin Cookies

Great fall weather treats

Grab 1 straight from the freezer

Not overly sweet

– flour – baking powder – baking soda – pumpkin pie spice – salt – butter – sugar, brown sugar – pumpkin puree – vanilla – egg

What you'll need

– cream cheese – butter – vanilla – powdered sugar – pumpkin spice

What you'll need for the frosting

Prepare the dough.

Step 1

Use a cookie scoop 

Step 2

Dip your fingers in flour and tap down the top so they are slightly flat rather than domed.

Step 3

When you prepare the dough, it’s going to be very sticky, don’t worry. 


Resist the urge to over bake the cookies!

Step 5

Frost and sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice

Step 6

Pumpkin pie spice is a mix of cinnamon, allspice, cloves ginger and nutmeg.  


Share some to spread pumpkin love!