Sweet Potato Casserole

Homemade Marshmallows



An Easy Appetizer with homemade marshmallow topping

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Great with a Holiday Ham

Why you'll  ❤️ Sweet Potato Casserole

Easy to make

Light and fluffy topping

Better than marshmallows

– sweet potatoes – evaporated milk  – sugar – vanilla extract –  butter – egg whites –  cream of tartar


Step 1

Microwave sweet potatoes and then mash

Step 2

Add sugar, milk and butter

Step 3


Step 4

Warm the sugar and egg whites

Step 5

Beat until thick

Step 6

Swirl over cooked sweet potatoes

Step 7

Put under a broiler or use a kitchen torch to brown

So much better than marshmallows

A perfect side dish for any occasion

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