Baked Pancake




A baked pancake is great for breakfast for dinner or brunch

– B&B

Change up your dinner routine

Why you'll ❤️  German Pancakes

The naturally sweet apples caramelize perfectly

light and airy

Everyone eats at the same time.

– apples  – sugar – cinnamon – butter – brown sugar – flour – nutmeg –  skim –vanilla – eggs

What you'll need

Cook the apples in melted butter with cinnamon and sugar 

Step 1

Get the pancake batter prepared while the apples are baking. You want it to sit for 5-10 min before adding it. 

Step 2

Pour the egg mixture over the apples in the hot skillet and put it back in the oven to bake.

Step 3

While it cooks, it will get puffy and gorgeous.

Step 4

This is best just a few minutes after it’s been removed from the oven.


Sprinkle powdered sugar and enjoy!