Mashed Potatoes 



The star of any holiday meal are these creamy mashed potatoes

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Make Ahead Potatoes

No oven space needed the day of the meal

Creamy and buttery potatoes even when made 2 days ahead

Easily assembled to take with you when you're not hosting

– Yukon gold potatoes – Heavy cream – Whole milk – Butter – Mascarpone – salt and pepper

Let's talk potatoes

Want white potatoes when mashed? Russet is the way to go. Want buttery, creamy, easy to peel potatoes? Yukon gold is best. 


No need to peel the potatoes before cooking, the skin will come off easily once cooked. 

Let's talk cheese

I use mascarpone in this recipe. It's richer than cream cheese and makes them creamier.


Bring your butter to room temperature and warm the milk and cream before adding them to the cooked potatoes.


Mash the potatoes however you would normally but then to bring them next level creamy, use a ricer, then add in butter and cream.


If you're preparing these to serve another day or to bring along to someone's home, put them in your crock pot and then heat them when you arrive.


If you’re going to refrigerate these for a day or so before serving, add less milk and cream so that they are a little thicker and add more cream and milk when they are re-heated.


DO NOT use a food processor or mixer to mash them, you will end up with gummy potatoes.

One bite and you'll agree these are the BEST make ahead mashed potatoes.