Ground Beef Casserole

with Biscuits



Sloppy Joe flavored filling over homemade biscuits

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Hamburger Casserole

Feeds a crowd

Sloppy Joe Filling

Biscuit crust!

– onion  – green pepper  –  hamburger –  chili powder –  garlic powder –  garlic  –  ketchup – BBQ sauce –Worcestershire sauce –  balsamic vinegar –  hot sauce – red pepper flakes

Ingredients for Filling

– flour –  baking powder –  baking soda – sugar –  butter  – cheddar cheese  – buttermilk

Ingredients for Biscuits

Step 1

Add biscuit dough to the bottom of a casserole dish and bake

Step 2

Cook onions and peppers

Step 3

Add ground beef

Step 4

Add sauce and seasoning

Step 5

Spread on top of biscuits

Step 6

Add cheese and bake

Flaky biscuit crust

Feeds a crowd