Light and Flaky

Sour Cream Biscuits



Serve  them  warm,  right  out of  the  oven.

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ sour cream biscuits

They have a velvety texture.

Large biscuits for adding gravy, butter or honey

They are prepped and ready in 15 min!

– Sour Cream – Buttermilk – Butter – Baking powder and Baking soda – Flour and salt

Step 1

Get your dry ingredients mixed in with the sour cream. Then add in the grated butter.  


Frozen butter makes the flakiest layers so be sure to place the stick of butter in the freezer.

Step 2

With a pastry cutter or fork, incorporate it into the flour mixture. Work quickly so the butter stays cold.

Step 3

Add the buttermilk but just until incorporated. We don't want the dough to get tough from overmixing.

Step 4

 A 3 inch biscuit cutter works beautifully here!


When they come out beautifully golden from the oven, brush melted butter over each one and top with a sprinkle of salt.

Whether you enjoy them with honey or with gravy, they're the BEST!