Apple Cinnamon Cake



A single layer cake with more apples then cake.

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Apple Cinnamon Cake

You can find apples year round

Uses pantry staples

So much flavor

– apples – golden raisins – pecans – cake flour – spices – pantry staples


To keep a cake from sticking, cut out a circle of parchment paper and put it in the bottom of the cake pan. 

Step 1

Mix up the batter in a mixing bowl. 

Step 2

Your batter is going to get thick as you add in the fruit and nuts.

Step 3

Add the batter to the pan and bake the cake. Allow it to cool completely before removing it or cutting into it.  

Step 4

Invert on to a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Step 5

Will it be breakfast or dessert?