Christmas Sprinkle Cookies

You can decorate them!



Awesome cookies that are easy to decorate

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Sprinkle sugar cookies that are easy to decorate

Why you'll  ❤️ Christmas Cookies

Be as artistic or basic as you like for festive cookies. 

Great sugar cookie recipe!

Fun activity to do with kids

– Butter – Egg, egg yolk – Sugar – Vanilla – Flour – Baking soda – Cream of tartar – Cornstarch – Salt – Sprinkles


FROSTING –Butter –Powder Sugar –Heavy cream –Vanilla –Salt


Step 1

Prepare the sugar cookie dough. Add a few sprinkles to the dough. Let it sit in the fridge about 3 hours. 

Step 2

Remove the dough from the fridge to soften, the scoop up balls onto a baking sheet. 

Step 3

Once the cookies are cooled, have fun decorating, no fancy supplies needed

Enjoy the Christmas season with a tradition of making cookies together!