Cincinnati Chili




Layer it up for this type of chili

– B&B

A great cold weather meal

Why you'll  ❤️ Cincinnati Chili

Pasta on the bottom

Beans or no beans

Add pimento cheese!

– onion  –  garlic minced – beef or turkey – green peppers  – chili powder – cocoa –  paprika –  cumin – oregano –  cinnamon –  allspice  – cayenne pepper – cloves –  tomato sauce –  diced tomatoes –  molasses – bay leaf


Step 1

First make some chili with lots of flavor

Step 2

Start with a layer of pasta

Step 3

Add a large scoop of chili

Step 4

Chopped onions come next

Step 5

Make it cheesy with pimento cheese or cheddar

Step 6

Add sour cream and peppers

You're going to love it!