Creamy Casserole

Leftover Turkey



Pecan Crumble makes this fabulous

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Turkey Casserole

Not a heavy sauce

So EASY to make - chicken/turkey

Pecan & cheese crumble is awesome

– flour – paprika – cheddar cheese  – pecans – butter melted – eggs –  sour cream –  mayonnaise –  chicken broth –  onion  –  dill  –  hot pepper sauce –  chicken


Chop the pecans

Step 1

Combine cheese, flour and pecans with butter

Step 2

Bake the crumble

Step 3

Combine the sauce ingredients

Step 4

Add turkey/chicken and pour over the crumble

Step 5

Add more crumble and bake

Step 6

Flavors are fantastic!

Great use for leftover turkey