Chicken Chili

A Healthy, Low Carbs Bowl

There are simple ingredients used to make this dish.

Chicken Chili is a healthy choice. 

This is a meal that freezes well and can be used for lunches. 

– Chicken breasts – Onions – Garlic – Red and yellow bell peppers – whole peeled plum tomatoes  – Fresh basil – Chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, sugar

Step 1

Roast your chicken breasts but use the chicken that has the skin on for more juicy flavor. 

Step 2

In your dutch oven, saute your onions then sprinkle in seasonings, peppers and tomatoes and allow it to simmer. 

Step 3

Add cooked chicken to the vegetables.  Simmer  and you have an amazing chili.

Step 4

You can serve with your favorite toppings, but honestly, it’s great all by itself and it’s even better the next day.

This is not a traditional chili recipe as it has no red meat or beans, just fresh flavors from onions, peppers and tomatoes.