Dutch Apple Baby

This massive pancakes is impressive

Fall Dessert



This Dutch baby pancake looks amazing when it emerges from the oven.

– B&B

Breakfast will never be the same!

Why you'll ❤️  this dutch baby

The naturally sweet apples caramelize perfectly

Feeds a crowd

Everyone eats at the same time.

– apples – a whole bunch of pantry staples you keep on hand!

What you'll need

You're going to caramelize the diced apples in some melted butter with cinnamon and sugar while baking the apples.

Step 1

Get the pancake batter prepared while the apples are baking. You want it to sit for 5-10 min before using it. 

Step 2

Pour the egg mixture over the apples in your hot skillet and put it back in the oven to bake.

Step 3

While it cooks, it will get puffy and gorgeous, but as soon as it starts to cool, it will deflate.

Step 4

This is best just a few minutes after it’s been removed from the oven.


Sprinkle powdered sugar on your German apple pancake.