Parmesan Biscuits




Cheesy mini biscuits you can make in a flash

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Parmesan biscuits

They're bite size

Crispy bottoms

Tall and flaky

Perfect for Brunch

– Parmesan cheese –  flour – baking powder – salt –  sugar –  butter cubed – buttermilk –  egg


Add cold butter to dry ingredients

Step 1

Add cold buttermilk and process

Step 2

Roll out and cut into strips, stack and repeat.

Step 3

Cut with a biscuit cutter

Step 4

Place on a layer of parmesan and refrigerate.

Step 5

Brush with an egg wash and more cheese

Step 6

Bake until golden

Step 7

Crispy bottoms

Great for Brunch

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