Monkey Bread

Mimosa Brunch



Easy  Light and festive, great for brunch

– B&B

Prosecco in the glaze, but enough left over for mimosas!

Why you'll  ❤️ Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is easy to eat, you can slice it or just pull off a bite.

Looks impressive

Only 6 tablespoons of Proseco in the recipe so you have plenty left over for Mimosas.

– Refrigerated biscuit dough – Oranges + Orange zest – Prosecco – Sugar, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla


Step 1

Cut your biscuit dough into quarters, shake them in the sugar/orange zest mixture. 

Step 2

Make the glaze!


Pro tip: In the event you don’t want to open a bottle, you can find these cute little cans of sparkling wine for this recipe.

Perfect for Brunch!

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