Sausage Balls

without Bisquick



classic favorite  at our house.

– B&B

When can you eat sausage balls? They make a great breakfast and a delicious appetizer!

Why you'll  ❤️ Sausage Balls without Bisquick

They’re a tasty finger food appetizer

The sausage adds a lot of flavor to the melty cheese

Can be eaten hot or room temperature!

– Flour  – Baking powder – Salt – Butter – Sausage – Cheddar cheese


Step 1

A food processor or mixer helps to blend together the ingredients.

Step 2

Combine uncooked ground sausage with the cheese and flour. 

Roll out some parchment paper to bake the sausage balls on. It'll make cleanup easier too!

No fork needed whether you serve them Christmas morning or enjoy as an appetizer.