Mac and Cheese

You don't have to boil the pasta!

Crock Pot



Just  dump and go and you’ll  have the ultimate comfort food!

– B&B

Slow Cooking it creates the creamiest version of this favorite side dish.

Why you'll ❤️  crockpot mac n cheese

No mess to clean up.

You don't have to make a cheese sauce.

Very easy recipe to follow.

– cheddar cheese – eggs – milk – evaporated milk – pasta  – butter

What you'll need

When making macaroni and cheese, try to avoid using pre-grated cheese. It will not melt as well and you won’t get the same cheesy texture.

Pro tip

Include all the ingredients, minus 1/4 cup cheese.

Step 1

If you have an older slow cooker, it will help to spray it with cooking spray before adding the ingredients to keep it from sticking.


Cook on low heat for 1 hour, then stir, add cheese and cook an additional 1 ½ hours.

Step 2

Don’t overcook it or the pasta will get mushy. Once it’s done, turn the slow cooker to the warm setting until ready to serve.


Enjoy the easiest bowl of mac n cheese.