Sticky Buns




A caramel like pecan topping coats each roll

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Sticky Buns

Sweet potatoes add a soft texture

Make ahead

No frosting needed

– butter – milk –sugar  – yeast  – egg – sweet potatoes  –  flour – golden raisins –  butter  – brown sugar –  cinnamon –  honey –  pecans


Step 1

Heat the milk and sugar

Step 2

Mash the sweet potato

Step 3

Make a sticky dough & let it rise

Step 4

Add brown sugar, honey and pecans to the bottom of the pan

Step 5

Spread butter & brown sugar on the dough

Step 6

Roll and cut

Step 7

Put on top of the pecans mixture and bake

Step 8

Let cool for 10 minutes then flip

Nothing better for breakfast or brunch

The sweet potato makes them so soft