Pork Carnitas

Slow Cooker



Learn the secret to making perfectly crispy but juicy carnitas

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Why you'll  ❤️ slow cooker carnitas

Very tender & crisp

Little prep and then the slow cooker does it all!

Minimal effort to feed a large group

–  Pork shoulder/Boston butt – jalapenos – oranges – rub mixture – pantry staples

Add a rub the night before 

Step 1

Step 2

Place in a slow cooker with peppers, onions and orange juice

Cooking tip

Pro tip: The citrus in the orange makes it tender

Step 3

Cook all day and shred with a fork.

Step 4

For crispy edges, cook it in a skillet at the end

3 ways to serve carnitas

#1: Make tacos! This tender meat will be delicious in a corn or flour tortilla. 

3 ways to serve carnitas

#2: Make sliders! Serve on hawaiian buns!

3 ways to serve carnitas

#3: breakfast sandwich! Add to a biscuit

There are endless ways to enjoy the meat once it's cooked!