Queso Dip with Chorizo

So dippable!



A deliciously cheesy queso dip that's creamy with a hint of smoke from the chipotle

– B&B

Enjoy a dip that's worthy of being called queso!

Why you'll  ❤️ Queso Dip 

Chorizo's adds a great flavor

This dip is creamy, no clumps!

Great for parties

– Fresh chorizo – Half and half – Velveeta cheese – Monterrey Jack cheese –Sharp Cheddar cheese –Canned chipotle chiles –Salt –Chipotle chili powder –Cotija cheese

Step 1

Cook up the chorizo and break the meat into small pieces. 

Step 2

half & half plus 3 cheeses form the dip  

Top with crumbled cotija cheese and serve!

Step 3

Enjoy serving this popular Tex-Mex dip at a New Years Party or a Game Day Party!