Cauliflower Pasta Bake

Healthy, Vegetarian Pasta Dish. 

A bit of lemon and capers add just the right touch for this main dish.

Enjoy a sweet and savory dish with easy ingredients.

This can be a good side dish OR main meal. 

– Orecchiette pasta – Cauliflower – fresh sage – Capers – Garlic – Lemon zest – Red pepper flakes – Fontina cheese – Ricotta cheese – Panko breadcrumbs – Parmesan cheese

During the winter months, cauliflower can be one of the few vegetables that tastes good.

It’s hardy enough to be a meal all by itself but also works great for a side.

The sage and lemon are a bit unusual for a baked pasta dish but I think that’s why we like it so much.

You’ve got Meatless Monday covered with this pasta dish.