Lasagna Roll Ups with Short Ribs

A fun twist on your traditional pasta!

Similar to manicotti, stuff the lasagna instead of layering it in a pan.

Beef short ribs cooked in the oven are divine.

The tomato sauce is present but not overwhelming.

– Beef short ribs – Yellow onion – Whole peeled tomatoes – Red wine – Grainy mustard – Lasagna noodles – Fontina cheese

The slow cooked short ribs provide the most divine  filling!

Lasagna roll ups are just what they sound like - all the flavors of lasagna but you spread the filling on a lasagna noodle and roll it up.

Everyone loves anything made with béchamel. This recipe uses it to create a perfect way to bring together all the flavors.

It is not smothered in tomato sauce!

The slow roasted short rib is a delicious protein that will melt in your mouth.

The meat will shred with a fork easily after slow cooking all day.

There are tomatoes in the sauce that the ribs cook in but this is just spooned over the finished dish.

Enjoy faux manicotti roll ups!

Choose your favorite cabernet to add to the sauce and then enjoy the rest with dinner.