Blueberry Cobbler

with Lime & Coconut! 🎶

A Southern blueberry cobbler topped with biscuits is the perfect way to showcase delicious summer blueberries. A hint of lime and coconut put these over the edge.



Since blueberries are generally pretty juicy, the biscuit topping is perfect to soak up all the sauce.

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Blueberry Cobbler

A cobbler is so simple to make

The blueberries taste even better with the lime zest and juice

There’s nothing like a slightly sweet biscuit with fruit

FILLING –Blueberries – Sugar – Flour – Lime zest – Lime juice – Cinnamon – Salt


TOPPING – Flour – Unsweetened coconut flakes – Sugar – Baking powder – Salt – Cinnamon – Butter – Heavy cream – Vanilla – Coarse sugar


Prepare the filling!

Step 1

Put together the dry ingredients and get that butter combined using your fingers or a pastry cutter.

Step 2

Spoon it onto the fruit and sprinkle with coarse sugar.

Step 3

Now the question is, are you eating it plain or with ice cream or whipped cream??

Step 4