Spinach & Gruyere

Breakfast Casserole



Spinach with caramelized onions in an egg custard

Great for Breakfast or Brunch

Why you'll  ❤️ Spinach Quiche

It's the creamiest

Lots of veggies

– onions  – butter  – garlic –  baby spinach – mushrooms  – eggs – heavy cream  –  gruyere grated –  cheddar cheese  – nutmeg –  pie crust

Cook the onions  

Step 1

Cook the spinach 

Step 2

Cook the mushrooms 

Step 3

Blend eggs & cream

Step 4

Add cooked veggies

Step 5

Don't forget the cheese!

Step 6

Pour it into a pie crust and bake

Step 7

The creamiest!

Add some biscuits and bacon

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