Macaroni Salad

The Creamiest



A creamy sauce that doesn't get mushy

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Macaroni Salad

So creamy

Sour cream and Mayo are the base

Make ahead!

– mayonnaise –  sour cream –  Dijon mustard –  sugar –  vinegar – macaroni – red onion  – celery rib  –  onion powder –  garlic powder –  cayenne pepper – cheddar cheese


Chop some veggies for flavor and crunch

Step 1

Add to cooked pasta

Step 2

Whisk the dressing together

Step 3

Add 1/2 to the pasta and refrigerate

Step 4

Add rest of the dressing and serve

Step 5

Great Summer Side

The creamiest!

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