Swedish Meatballs

Sour Cream Sauce



You can make this on a  busy  night  for a delicious dinner

– B&B

A creamy sauce that's hard to resist!

Why you'll  ❤️ Swedish Meatballs

Flavorful meatballs

Dreamy sauce

A classic that never goes out of style

– shallot  – garlic minced – ground beef – ground pork – panko  – egg yolk –  allspice – nutmeg SAUCE – butter – flour –beef broth –  sour cream

Step 1

Combine beef, pork and seasonings

Step 2

Use an ice cream scoop to make meatballs

Step 3

Brown the meatballs & remove

Step 4

Make a sauce with sour cream

Step 5

Add the meatballs back and simmer

Serve over pasta so you don't miss any of the sauce!

Try it with lingonberry jam or raspberry