Sweet Potatoes & Apples

Side Dish for Ham



Apples and sweet potatoes, great with Ham

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Sweet Potatoes & Apples

Quick & Easy

Uses canned sweet potatoes

Great flavor combination

– apples  – canned Canned Sweet Potatoes  –  brown sugar – cinnamon –  pecans chopped – pecans chopped –  panko breadcrumbs –  butter


Slice some apples

Step 1

Sprinkle with brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts

Step 2

Layer in a casserole dish

Step 3

Add a layer of sweet potatoes

Step 4

Make a crumble with panko, pecans and butter

Step 5

Sprinkle on top and bake

Step 6

A great casserole with ham

Perfect for Easter

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