Mini Potato Skins

Super Bowl Snacks



Bite size but still all the flavor of full size 

– B&B

There's nothing better than potato skins!

Why you'll  ❤️ Potato Skins

They're mini so bite size, no fork needed.

They’re great warm or at room temperature.

They make a perfect finger food for any party or get together.

– baby Dutch yellow potatoes  – olive oil – cheddar cheese  – bacon  – sour cream –  chives/green onions

Step 1

First bake the potatoes

Step 2

Cut in half, remove most of the potato, turn upside down and bake

Step 2

Flip and bake some more

Step 3

Fill with cheese and bacon and bake until melted

Eat as is or add sour cream and green onions!

Chop up some green onions

Homemade potato skins are a must for your next event!