Vegetarian Dinner- Pasta Bake



Cheesy, creamy pasta with cauliflower

– B&B

Cauliflower is amazing when it's roasted

Lots of Cheese

Side or main dish

Crispy topping!

– pasta – olive oil  – cauliflower – fresh sage  – capers  – garlic minced – lemon zest – red pepper flakes –  fontina cheese  – ricotta – panko  –Parmesan


Brown the cauliflower in a skillet

Step 1

Add pasta and seasoning

Step 2

Add spoonfuls of ricotta - so creamy!

Step 3

Combine panko bread crumbs and parmesan for topping

Step 4

Cover with topping and bake until golden brown

Step 5

Vegetarian Dinner, that's so creamy!

Perfect side dish with any meal