Ham Biscuits

KY Derby



Ham Biscuits are a staple at any Ky Derby party. An Angel biscuit works great

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Great for ham biscuits

Why you'll  ❤️ Angel Biscuits

NO fail recipe

Light and Airy

– yeast  – flour – sugar – baking powder – soda – butter  – buttermilk 

Make a paste with yeast and water

Step 1

Combine the yeast with buttermilk

Step 2

Add cold butter to the flour mixture

Step 3

Add cold butter to the flour mixture then add buttermilk

Step 4

Cut and place in an iron skillet and let rise for 1 hour

Step 5

Bake until golden brown

Step 6

Beautiful tall and flaky biscuits, make them mini. for your Derby Party

Add ham for the perfect Southern Biscuit