Red Velvet Cookies

Cream Cheese



A delicious homemade cookie perfect  for the holidays

– B&B

Red Velvet is a buttery, tangy flavored dessert with a mild chocolate flavor.

Why you'll  ❤️ Overnight Red Velvet Cookies

The cheesecake center is perfect with the red velvet.

The deep red color is vibrant and festive looking.

It's a nice change up from the regular Christmas recipes. 

– Butter – Brown sugar – Egg yolks – Vanilla  – Flour – Red food coloring – Cocoa powder – Sanding sugar – Cream cheese – Sugar – Vanilla


Combine the dough and roll them into balls. Toss sanding sugar on the dough and then create an indent in the cookies for the cream cheese to sit. 

The best way to make an indentation in a cookie: Use your thumb or the back of a melon baller!

Partially bake the cookies, then add the filling and complete baking them. 

Have a buttery chocolate cookie with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!