Short Rib Chili

Slow Cooked



You get a thick, “stick to your ribs” chili with so much flavor.

– B&B

The perfect comfort food

Why you'll ❤️  Short Rib Chili

Hearty, melt in your mouth, rib meat.

Nice kick to go with the thick chili. 

Freezes well for lunch portions. 

– Beef short ribs – Guiness beer – Onions – Red bell pepper – Broth – Jalapeno – Garlic – Diced tomatoes – Tomato paste – chili powder, cumin,  dried basil, bay leaves, red pepper flakes

What you'll need

Short ribs come from the lower rib cage of a cow and are known for their meatiness. When cooked slow they produce a rich melt in your mouth flavor.

What are short ribs?

Heat up your Dutch oven and add some oil. Brown your short ribs on each side to seal in flavor. Add the dark beer to the pan. 

Step 1

Simmer the meat a couple hours.  Your house is going to smell Amazing!

Step 2

Remove the meat from the pan but reserve the liquid. It's going to flavor the chili. Shred the beef!

Step 3

Now for the easy part - soften the veggies, then toss in the tomatoes and seasonings. It's going to simmer!

Step 4

Time for the toppings! What's your favorite?  sour cream green onions cheese cilantro


Enjoy a full bowl of comfort on a cold day.