Honey Oat Bread

Your house will smell fabulous

Easy to make!



Easy  to  make!

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️ Honey Oat Bread

Makes a filling breakfast

Great texture and flavor 

Makes a great snack

– flour – whole wheat flour  – old fashioned oatmeal – instant yeast – salt – milk – butter – honey  – oatmeal


What you'll need

Create your dough. 

Step 1

Use the dough hook on your kitchen mixer to knead the bread until it's smooth and has elasticity. 

Step 2

Give your dough time to rise and double in size. 

Step 3

Roll up the dough jellyroll style to fit it into the loaf pan. 

Step 4

Warm up the honey, cover the top of the dough with it and sprinkle oats over the top. 

Step 5

Enjoy a slice right out of the oven topped with butter!

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