Sweet Potato  Muffins

with Streusel



For super moist muffins, add mashed sweet potatoes

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Sweet Potato Muffins

 Super moist

Molasses adds flavor

Streusel topping!

– flour –baking powder – cinnamon – nutmeg –allspice –brown sugar – vegetable oil – eggs – mashed sweet potatoes  – molasses –  pecans

Ingredients for muffins

– butter – pecans chopped – flour –brown sugar – cinnamon –  pecans

Ingredients for streusel

Step 1

Make the streusel

Step 2

Combine the wet ingredients

Step 3

Add to the dry ingredients

Step 4

Fill up the muffin tins & top with streusel

Step 5

Bake & let cool

Wonderful breakfast!

They won't be dry the next day. 🥰