Monkey Bread

Prosecco Glazed



Easy  to share  at a  weekend brunch with holiday guests!

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An easy way to feed a group of guests at one time!

Why you'll  ❤️ Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is easy to eat, you can slice it or just pull off a bite.

Looks impressive

Only 6 tablespoons of Proseco in the recipe so you have plenty left over for Mimosas.

– Refrigerated biscuit dough – Oranges + Orange zest – Prosecco – Sugar, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla


Step 1

Cut your biscuit dough into quarters, shake them in the sugar/orange zest mixture. 

Step 2

Make the glaze!


Pro tip: In the event you don’t want to open a bottle, you can find these cute little cans of sparkling wine for this recipe.


Try adding some pecans with the sugar mixture before adding the biscuit dough.

Let the bread cool for 10 minutes and then turn out onto a plate and enjoy!