Eggnog Cookies




A soft cookie  with eggnog  in the cookie  and the frosting

– B&B

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top!

Why you'll  ❤️ Eggnog Cookies

You don't have to like eggnog to enjoy these cookies

Any leftover eggnog will make a great breakfast French toast!

you're enjoying a slightly soft cookie with a great butter frosting.

– eggnog – fresh nutmeg and cinnamon – Pantry items – flour, baking powder, sugar, butter, vanilla and egg yolks – Frosting – butter, powdered sugar and eggnog


Step 1

Mix up your  cookie dough and scoop out even round balls onto a parchment covered baking sheet.  


Time your cookies carefully. The tops won't brown to show they're done. 

Pipe or Frost your cookies  🥰

Enjoy sharing a little flavor of Christmas!🎄