Peach & Chicken Taquitos

Quick & Easy Dinner

Why you'll  ❤️ Old Baked Taquitos

Peaches are great in savory dishes

They're simple to make

You can use fresh or frozen peaches

– chicken  – vidalia onion  – fresh peaches  – sriracha sauce – white cheddar cheese – flour tortillas –greek yogurt – chipotle chile peppers


Cut peaches and shred chicken

Step 1

Cook onions then add the chicken & peaches along with sriracha

Step 2

Roll the mixture in flour tortillas

Step 3

Brush with oil and bake

Step 4

Combine peppers with greek yogurt.

Step 5

Bake until crispy and hot

Drizzle with chipotle yogurt sauce

With our without the sauce, you're going to love them 🥰

Pro Tip: If your peaches aren’t quite ripe, here are some tips for how to ripen a peach.