Chicken wtih Coucous




Loaded with flavor and easy to make

– B&B

So much flavor

Crispy chicken

Amazing Coucous

– chicken thighs – lemon zest – garlic  –  fresh mint  – allspice –olive oil

Ingredients  for Marinade

– carrots  –  allspice – pearl couscous –  olive oil – lemon juice –  shallots  – fresh spinach –  fresh mint  – sliced almonds –  feta cheese

Ingredients  for Couscous

Add the marinade and refrigerate for 1 hour 

Step 1

Brown chicken

Step 2

Brown carrots then add couccous

Step 3

Add chicken back with water, cover and simmer.

Step 4

Add spinach, mint shallots and dressing to couscous

Step 5