Cream Cheese Coffee Cake




Super moist with a cream cheese layer

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️ Cream Cheese Cake


Cheesecake layer

Moist Cake

– cream cheese  –  butter  – sugar – eggs – vanilla –  greek yogurt –  flour –  baking powder – baking soda –  strawberry jam


Cream butter & sugar & add eggs and yogurt

Step 1

Add dry ingredients

Step 2

Combine cream cheese, sugar and eggs

Step 3

Make the crumble

Step 4

Add 1/2 the cake batter

Step 5

Top with cream cheese layer

Step 6

Add strawberry jam

Step 7

Add the batter and crumble 

Step 8

Bake until golden

Step 9

Light and Moist

Perfect for brunch

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