Southern Peach Cobbler Cake

You can never have too many sweet peaches!



Peach schnapps added to the fresh peaches brings out a delicious flavor in  the  in-season fruit. 

– B&B

Why you'll  ❤️  Peach Cobbler

You can feed a crowd with this recipe so share it when you're headed to a gathering.

No mixer needed - just a spoon!

This summer & fall dessert is good straight from the oven or at room temperature.

– peaches  –  sugar – peach schnapps optional –  flour –  baking powder – butter – half-and-half


Pro Tip: If your peaches aren’t quite ripe, here are some tips for how to ripen a peach.

Adding a bit of peach schnapps to the fruit and sugar is going to bring a delicious tang to the sweetness.

The butter that's melted on the bottom of the pan creates a buttery cake all around the peach slices for the most delicious cobbler.

Peaches aren’t as juicy as berries when baked, so making a cake-like batter instead will create a wonderful texture that you can’t get with berries.

You can also easily adjust the sugar depending on how sweet the peaches are, and if you don’t have fresh ripe peaches, frozen will work great.

Put a baking sheet under your dish to prevent any overflows in your oven.


Even better with vanilla ice cream!