Ham and Cheese Sliders

Game Day



Gooey cheese and creamy aioli

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Ham and Cheese Sliders

Quick & Easy to put together

Butter sauce on top

Creamy aioli in the middle

– butter –  Dijon mustard –  Worcestershire sauce – ▢ dried onion flakes  – poppy seeds –  parsley fresh,  –  ham  –  Swiss cheese –  garlic aioli  – Hawaiian Dinner rolls


Slice the rolls in half and toast the bottom half.

Step 1

Add some aioli to the toasted rolls

Step 2

Add a layer of cheese

Step 3

Add ham and then another layer of cheese

Step 4

Top with more aioli and then rolls

Step 5

Pour the butter and seasoning over the top

Step 6

Brush it over the top and bake

Step 7

Bake until cheese is melty

Step 8

Gooey cheese

Perfect for Game Day

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