Seafood Boil

Father's Day



Quick summer dinner for a crowd

– B&B

A meal all in one pot

Why you'll  ❤️ a Seafood Boil

Fresh seafood

Entire meal in one pot

Feeds a crowd

– Old Bay Seasoning – Wine or beer –  smoked paprika – bay leaf – Worcestershire sauce


– Orange  – carrots  – celery  –  head of garlic  –Vidalia onion


– andouille sausage  – shrimp  – crab legs – mussels/clams


First make a flavorful broth

Step 1

Add the potatoes first, then the corn

Step 2

Add the seafood and let it cook for just a couple of minutes

Step 3

Old Bay adds just the right amount of spice

A classic Summer dinner that you're going to LOVE!