Taco Chicken

Delicious on the Grill

Tender meat



Buttermilk is the secret to tender chicken

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Taco Chicken

Just 4 ingredients

A taco seasoning packet + lime is simple and delivers on flavor

Enjoy using the grill!

– chicken breasts – taco seasoning packet – buttermilk – lime juice – queso 


What you'll need

Marinate your chicken in buttermilk - even up to 30 minutes makes a difference!

Step 1

Rinse the buttermilk off. Combine taco seasoning with the lime juice, then coat your chicken.

Step 2

Heat up your grill while the meat is marinating. 

Step 3

Enjoy your chicken with some tortillas + fav toppings!

Step 4

Top with some White Queso.