Savory + A Little Sweet Breakfast for weekend guests



A definite showstopper for your next brunch or relaxing weekend breakfast.

– B&B

You might not know sausage & apples make a hearty breakfast!

Serve a hearty breakfast perfect for the weekends

Leftovers heat up great

Mostly savory with a bit of sweet

– pie crust – Fuji apples – Sweet onion – Sugar – Butter – Italian sausage – Garlic – Fontina – Ricotta cheese – Eggs


Start by pre-baking a pie crust. Pre-baking keeps the crust from getting soggy.

Step 1

Sauté the apples and onions with a little sugar and once softened add garlic.

Step 2

Cook the Italian sausage in the same pan. Then combine eggs, cheese and ricotta.

Step 3

Layer the ingredients in and then bake. 

Step 4

You will find that it is nothing like quiche; the eggs just help hold the cheese together. Cottage cheese can be used in place of ricotta. 

Recipe Tip

Need Some Rolls for Brunch?