Shrimp Carbonara

Grilled Corn



Late Summer Dinner with Grilled Corn

– B&B

Why you'll ❤️  Shrimp Carbonara

Creamy sauce with no butter or cream

Grilled corn is so sweet

Large enough for a crowd

– bacon  – shrimp  – corn  –  bucatini pasta –  garlic  – red pepper flakes – eggs –  parmesan cheese  – fresh basil


Grill the corn

Step 1

Cut from the cob

Step 2

Cook bacon & reserve the grease

Step 3

Cook the shrimp

Step 4

cook garlic and add pasta

Step 5

Whisk eggs and cheese & add to pasta with pasta water

Step 6

Coat the pasta

Step 7

Add shrimp, corn and bacon

Step 8

Easy summer dinner